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Glass Protection Services

We use a new glass protection technology called "Diamon-Fusion" on windshields, shower enclosures, glass patios, sunrooms and more.

We are Eco-friendly and use professional supplies 100% biodegradable.

This durable, patent protected coating fills in the microscopic ridges in your glass and is then capped and sealed with a bonding substrate, enhancing surface smoothness. This creates a surface that is 10x more water repellent, 10x more scratch and impact resistant, and helps your glass last longer and perform better. 


On Marine, we use German technology and is glass cleaner and sealant. It gives a hydrophobic coating that has oil and water repellent properties. Glass becomes easy to clean and on windscreens.

It reduces the need to use windscreen wipers as water simply beads and runs off the screen.

This technology stops the need to use vinegar or other acid based cleaners these as previously hard to clean dirt, grime, calcium build up, salt and soiling are easier to remove once the glass has been treated.


After running our business during  10 years on Vancouver Island we are now relocate in Saskatchewan  and offer our service across prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

Contact us for pricing.

  • Light refraction is reduced by 35%

  • Resists staining

  • Easy to clean with no chemical cleaners

  • A reduction in mold & bacteria

  • Resistance to leeching of calcium and sodium (etching cased by hard water)

  • At least 20% more brilliance

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