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Plane - Helicopter Detailing Services

  • Waxing

  • Interior Cleaning and Detailing

  • Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

  • Polishing and Finishing

  • Glass Protection Treatment

  • Restoration for Resale

  • Carpet Cleaning

We built our expertise by offering our detailing service to many yacht owners on French Riviera - Nice (France) and Monaco.

Now we decide to bring our expertise, quality and excellence in service on Canadian West Coast.

Considered our detailing process is the only professional way to do with application of professional grade supplies by over 20 years experimented workers.

Our service will increase efficiency to your plane and it will be shinny, fully protected for the season and easier to clean in the future.


Products we use are certified for use on Boeing and Airbus as well as BAE Systems. July 2012 approvals place our product in the latest test version R BD6-17487 and Airbus revision AIMS09-00-002 ISSUE 3. Our process has been used over the last 15 years but to update our latest fuel saving version we needed to gain approvals that are now in place.

This product is used by several well-known airlines, Police and rescue services around the world. It was also used on Concorde during its service.

This unique formulation gives unrivalled protection from extreme weather and temperatures that aircraft has to contend with. Aircraft washing times can also be reduced and when put together with the new coatings tested will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


After running our business during  10 years on Vancouver Island we are now relocate in Saskatchewan  and offer our service across prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

We use only high quality, professional and environmentally responsible and 100% biodegradable products.

Contact us for pricing.


See our ''Before and After gallery'' for more.

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