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Before and After Gallery

We built our expertise by offering our detailing service to many yacht owners on French Riviera - Nice (France) and Monaco.

Now we decide to bring our expertise, quality and excellence in service to boat owners on Canadian West Coast.


The marine and RVs industry’s worst enemy is a combination of ultra violet, acid rain, pollution and salt  damage. The reaction on GRP as well as painted surfaces has been a nightmare for the owners causing color fading and a dry powder effect on the surface. This, over a period of time, requires constant maintenance and can eventually damages the GRP surface. Most owners are constantly fighting every year to reduce this ‘chalking’ effect or keep a shinny look.

Our professional process applied on a regular basis ensures that all exposed areas are kept in a pristine condition, protected from the Ultra Violet rays, salt, acid rain, pollution and easily maintained.


Considered our detailing process is the only professional way to do with application of professional grade supplies by over 20 years experimented workers.

This enables to keep longer nice and shinny look, fully protected surface compare with ‘’cheap detailing’’ did with low quality supplies from hypermarket (Teflon and other supplies).


After running our business during  10 years on Vancouver Island we are now relocate in Saskatchewan  and offer our service across prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

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